A Cliqloadite Needs Your Advice! His Younger Sister Is Ruining All His Relationships



A Cliqloadite needs your Advice, Please drop reasonable advices for him…

Read below:-


I’m a 200 level student of a university in Ogun State and in my early 20s. I met a lady when I resumed in 100 level and we started dating. We got very fond of each other but there was a very big problem….

My junior sister. We were in same school, same level, but different departments. I got to notice something about my sister and it is the fact that she doesn’t want any lady around me.

A year and six month of the relationship, we had to break up because my sister had cooked up all forms of story against the poor girl and my mom wants her out of my life.

Despite the break up..we still love each other and see everyday but we still want each other. I cant disobey my mom and I love the girl.

I’m really confused, I don’t know what to do….

I need your Candid advice.


Drop your comments.


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