Man.U Legend Ryan Giggs Splits From Wife After She found Him Fl*rting With Waitresses


Manchester United’s legend, Ryan Giggs’ wife Stacey has ended their marriage after finding out he was fl*rting with waitresses at a restaurant he owns.
A source said it was the last straw for Stacey, 37, after her efforts to keep the marriage going in the wake of Ryan Giggs’ affairs with Imogen Thomas and his brother’s wife Natasha.

Ryan, 42, has reportedly told friends: “It’s over for good”.
It is believed the couple parted three months ago, although they kept it a secret and continued to live in the same house.
His wife told a friend: “There’s no way back. Ryan and I are finished.”
A source said: “Word got back to Stacey that Ryan had been flirting with some of the waitresses at George’s, and she had had enough.
“At one stage she is said to have told him to pack his bags and get out. But for the moment they both seem to be living in the same house.”
The couple tried to save their eight-year marriage after the revelation of his affairs for the sake of their two children.A source said: “Time hasn’t proved a great healer.”

Giggs started a six-month affair with Imogen in 2010.

In 2011, Natasha told her husband Rhodri – Ryan Giggs’ younger brother – that she and Ryan had been sleeping together for eight years.

Source: uk


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