FINALLY!!! Genevieve Nnaji Reveals How She Manages To Stay YOUNG (You Can’t Miss This)



Genevieve Nnaji is 34 years old!!

We agree that she’s gorgeous. She is at the peak of her career.

She’s one of the most celebrated actresses in Nigeria today. She is a beauty icon.

She’s got a beautiful daughter that she has successfully shielded from the eyes of the amebos.


Genny is pretty with or without make-up. Infact, how adorable she is has made us coin out a word from her name gen-tastic.

Wondering how you could be as fab as the stunning actress? here are ten tips written by the actress:


1. Cocktails are fruity. Fruits are good

2. If you love it. Wear it
3. Love people. Treat them well. Keep memorable moments
4. Sleep is good
5. You can’t over-emphasize the power of being natural
6. Know when to be serious
7. Companions can ease a lot of stress.
8. Excitement is good. Let it out
9. Get social (Don’t mean Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). Go out
10. God is everything. Be Thankful


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