BEWARE! These Fake Eggs Produced by Evil Manufacturers Can Make You Lose Your Memory (Photos+Video)


The desperation of some people to make money is getting out of hand as we urge our readers to be careful of what they consume especially this yuletide season.

Just as people were still trying to come to terms with the news of fake plastic rice circulating in the country, some shocking reports has surfaced online showing how fake eggs are made out of resin, starch and pigments.

Photos which emerged online and have gone viral, show how the fake egg shell is made of shaped calcium carbonate while starch, resin, and cellulose coagulants is used for the egg white and edible pigment additives is used for the yolk.

Report has it that consuming the fake eggs can lead to memory degeneration and Alzheimer’s disease.

Below are photos which shows the process of making the deadly fake eggs;

The yolk is shaped in the round mould.

‘Magic water’ containing calcium chloride is used.

Hard shells are formed by soaking in paraffin wax

The fake egg shell is very fragile and breaks easily

A four minute video on YouTube shows all you need to know about these fake eggs, watch below;


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