OMG! See The Shocking Reason Why A 14 Year Old Maid Attempted To Kill Her Master With Rat Poison


A 14 year old maid was reported to have allegedly poisoned a food meant for her master because she was rebuked by the said Master, Mr. Nasiru Akinlosotu.

She was said to have taken the action against her master because she was rebuked  for messing up the living room with water a night before she was directed to prepare the dinner by the wife of her master.

Unknown to the family, the little girl has been nursing a grudge against them, she was then directed by the wife to prepare beans for dinner and to serve the husband before she returned from work at night.

Seeing the opportunity, the pictured above suspect prepared the beans and added the poison, her madam has bought to get rid of rats in the house.
Her master as usual stormed the home and asked for his food, the suspect immediately served but the unsuspecting master while mixing the beans perceived some offensive smell from it still put a spoon in his mouth only to spit it out almost immediately following the awful taste.

The maid was invited and questioned but she lied that she only added spice that will give the beans aroma. After much threat, the maid reportedly confessed to what she did  and the master raised the alarm and invited neighbors to hear the confession by their maid.

The master has however revealed he won\’t be pressing for any charges since God already delivered him from the hands of death, saying he has left everything to God.


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