SHOCKING! Woman Gives Birth To Twins; A Baby Girl and 30-Foot Python Snake [See Photos]


According to reports, a woman in Uganda was pregnant with twins, few months before she gave birth, her husband and she gave birth to the most unusual twins ever.

She gave birth to a baby girl and a tiny python back in 2007, the woman claims the snake is her son who has the body of a python, she has lived with the deadly creature for 9 years.
She was even raided by wildlife officers who had wanted to take the python away but she managed in convincing them that she\’s the only one who knows how to feed it.
The woman now claims that no man wants to be with her as soon as they learn that she gave birth to a snake.
She has appealed to well-wishers to help her because she is straining to feed the Python which gobbles up around 40 chicken eggs a day.


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